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Welcome to Desert Academy Athletics! Here at Desert we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch athletic programming that competes at a high level. We build this pride by focusing on the key element of positive youth development. While some programs determine their worth by wins and losses, we determine our worth by measuring the impact that athletics plays in our students’ lives. As you might guess, participation in extra curricular actives is one of the most impactful resiliency factors that exist for today’s youth. Through sports, students achieve a greater sense of self-worth, empowerment and accountability. Regular physical activity improves one’s quality of life and optimizes the function of the brain, body and mind throughout one’s lifespan. We take extra steps to evaluate the impact an athletic program has on our students so that we can help foster the positive strides by our students in every realm, athletic and otherwise.  

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Through sports, students

achieve a greater sense of self-worth, empowerment and accountability.


In addition, students who participate in athletics will likely develop a stronger bond with their school having worn the schools’ colors in competition.  This is a primarily reason we have a “no-cut” philosophy at our school. We encourage every student at Desert Academy to participate in athletics. Our “no-cut policy” encourages students who might otherwise fear being cut to participate in the sport of their choice. Quite simply, if they want to play they will play! No experience necessary! Our coaching staff is patient and very accommodating to all experience levels and will work tirelessly with our students to learn the fundamentals of each sport.  

Participation in school-sponsored athletics not only provides dividends to the students who participate, but it creates a stronger sense of community. Athletics often carries the torch for school spirit and we do it with pride at Desert Academy!

For 2019/2020 we will be offering the following programs. Links to Schedule on MaxPreps.

•    Girls Volleyball (Grades 6-12)
•    Boys Soccer (Grades 8-12)
•    Coed Cross Country (Grades 6-12)
•    Boys Basketball (Grades 6-12)
•    Girls Basketball (Grades 8-12)
•    Track & Field (Grades 6-12)
•    Tennis (Grades 6-12) - Boys  - Girls

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Please stop by if you have any questions about our athletic program.  I look forward to working with the greater community to create something special here at Desert Academy.  

Go Wildcats!
Athletic Director