Clubs & Activities

(currently updating new 2019-20 list)


Desert Academy provides a number of clubs and after school activities. For information on current clubs or suggestions for new clubs contact

NJHS/NHS – service organization; tutorial program

This is a self-candidate process that occurs every year beginning in December with acceptance announced in late February.  We serve the school as peer tutors during academic advisory and after school 1 hour Monday through Thursday. Contact Cameron Sperry for more information, 

Amnesty International

In hundreds of communities across the United States, Amnesty International groups come together to protect human rights. Student Groups, sometimes called clubs, are on high school and college campuses across the country. At Desert Academy Amnesty International meets regularly and engages in specific human rights campaigns.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly which introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making.  At Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of countries that are members of the UN, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. This year students will be representing Italy. Our students, better known as “delegates”, will debate current issues on the organization’s vast agenda. They prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN’s rules of procedure – all in the interest of resolving problems that affect the world.

Supercomputing Challenge

This is a computer programming project for primarily high school students where they will develop a scientific study (generally) on a subject of their own choosing and then program it in a language of choice, present it at an expo (science fair sort of situation). This is a very self-motivated (but in a team setting) and driven project with adult sponsors there for assistance, NOT to drag the student through. We attend a kick-off ceremony in Socorro in the fall and an expo and awards ceremony in Los Alamos in the spring.

Speech and Debate Team

This is a club/ team that travels around the state competing with other schools in 12 different debate, public speaking and acting events that students can choose to focus on.  No experience necessary to join!  Students that compete with the speech and debate team learn how to be strong critical thinkers, confident public speakers, and better writers and test takers. The team meets every Monday and Wednesday after school from 3:30-4:30. Tournaments run throughout the year for students 7-12th grade (6th by invitation). For further information, contact Coach Lisa at

Leos Club, Youth Leadership through Service

In 2017-2018, the LEOs Club worked with Border Angels by providing water and resources along the Mexico-California border. In 2016, LEOs raised funds to go to Haiti and help build a school, an awesome goal with life-changing implications. In the past, students held fundraisers to benefit impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic where they traveled to do outreach and service work, focusing especially on children. Community involvement has also included
·  Aspen Community School’s literacy and enrichment program
·  Española Valley Animal Shelter
·  Santa Fe Children’s Museum
·  Desert Academy Climate Night

LEOs Clubs are the youth organizations of Lions Club International. Leos are youths aged 12 – 18 who seek to serve people in need with special emphasis and focus on children and community. The Desert LEOs: Leadership, Experience, Opportunity. The Desert LEOs Club is comprised of community-minded students committed to seeking leadership opportunities through service and outreach on local, national and international levels.

How to be part of the Club: Interested students (all ages, all grades) can speak to the Club Advisor, Shona Casey.  Announcements and meetings will be held to welcome new members in the month of October. 


The Yearbook Committee is a full year service committee that will produce a high quality yearbook. This committee is open to any student (6-12) who is interested in giving their time to help make that book happen. Prior experience is not necessary. The 2016 11th graders took on the Yearbook as their CAS project. We will have work for all types of students – the photographer, graphic artist, creative thinker, computer whiz, helper, and those with unknown special talents. Hands-on learning will be typical. Please join if you have any interest at all in working with us! Times of meetings will be explained at a later date. Contact our photography teacher, Sarah Meghan Lee,

Outdoor and Sustainability Club

The Outdoors and Sustainability Club at Desert Academy is dedicated to engaging in fun and meaningful activities to enjoy the outdoors and promote environmental sustainability on our campus and in the larger community.  We plan trips, organize events, and are the umbrella club under which the Desert Garden is being developed.

Aikido Club

Aikido is a Japanese martial art and practical form of self defense. It is reflexive, and is reactive to an unprovoked attack. Aikido can be safely practiced by people of all ages. Aikido training can help people avoid injury with proper use of rolls and falls. Aikido is great for students as it teaches self discipline, confidence, and peacemaking. Joel Nakamura runs this club and students are encouraged to join his dojo next to Desert Academy’s campus.

Nerd Club

This student created club is for students interested in gaming and comics. 

Chess Club

Get together with other chess enthusiasts.