Emergency Information

Snow Procedures & Policies

Where should you check if you think it might be a snow day?

We send notification via email and text message to all families about snow delays, cancellations, and early releases.  We also publish our delays and cancellations on the major television channels, on the homepage of our website (bar across the very top), and our telephone announcement (505-992-8284).  There may be the rare exception to this.  If you are unable to obtain specific information about Desert Academy, please be aware that we will always follow the Santa Fe Public Schools with regard to delays, releases and cancellations.  In the interests of the safety of our families, we may, at times, go one step further and close when the public schools do not.  Rest assured, however, that whenever the public schools begin late, release early, or cancel, we will, too.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our front desk at 505-992-8284.

Snow Delay Schedule

SNOW DELAY SCHEDULE: no off-campus lunch; no Middle School advisories