Welcome from Dr. Lussiez, Head of School

Welcome to the online home of Desert Academy. Whether you are a parent looking for the right fit for your child, a self-starting student looking for successful path forward, a teacher looking for like-minded, passionate educators, or a community member or partner wanting to know more, we are happy to share a glimpse into our amazing community.

This is my third year at Desert Academy and it is a privilege to be the Head of School. Desert Academy is a school where honesty and trust form the foundation of all our relationships. It is a school where I have seen my own daughters thrive, through the rigor of the International Baccalaureate program, the sports program, the many clubs and activities, and the caring and supportive community. This is a school dedicated to transparency and to allowing our mosaic of backgrounds and talents to shine even more brightly. Now, more than ever, Desert’s motto of  “engaging the mind, engaging the world”, is our modus operandi in creating future leaders. We are a school that takes the development of our students’ intellectual character as the highest calling.

Desert Academy is committed to the intellectual and personal development of each student, and our values help prepare them for a purpose-driven life as a member of an increasingly globalized society. Our rigorous and challenging academic program is an essential preparation for acceptance to top colleges and universities around the world. Our new Social Emotional Learning program (Focus) and Service Learning Program (PAWS) are more examples of Desert Academy’s innovation and commitment to being thought leaders of the community. We are proud of our students and their commitment to their own education and learning. They work hard, play hard, and grow in their understanding of the world of possibilities and adventures which lie ahead. All this is achieved by carefully selecting our faculty for their ability to inspire students with individualized attention and their commitment to school life outside the classroom.

We strongly believe that academics must not be confined to the classroom and there are many opportunities for students to extend student learning outside the classroom. Our students attend different field trips in order to prompt interest in topics and consolidate learning. Clubs, too, allow students to forge new interests, as do after-school activities. These activities allow our students to gain an understanding of what it means to live a balanced life, which equals personal well-being according to the IB. In this age of the smart phone, video game, packaged food, and immense competition, activities outside of the classroom act as a counterbalance. So, we strive to foster balanced lifestyles.

If you believe that Desert Academy might provide the right education and caring community for your child, please contact the Admissions Office with your questions. If you are a teacher looking for a place that shares your passions and values, and are looking to make a difference in the lives of students, please contact us with your materials. We welcome you all to visit Desert Academy, take a tour, and see for yourself the quality of our programs, the caliber of our teachers, and the caring, committed nature of our community.


Dr. Yann Lussiez
Head of School