Welcome to High School at Desert Academy
Grade 9 through 12

In the first two years of high school, students continue to be part of the Middle Years Program. This ensures a seamless transition from middle school to high school. Students continue to be part of the advisory program they became familiar with during middle school. In 10th grade students will spend most of their advisory time working on their Personal Project. (The personal project is a culminating MYP project based on the student's interests and talents, resulting in a product or outcome and Personal Project report.)

Students in 9th and 10th grade have two electives on their schedule. They can choose one or two courses from among the MYP subject-group Design, Arts and Physical and Health Education in addition to their 5 mandatory classes: English, Language Acquisition, Individual and Societies, Science, and Math. Students are counselled to consider their anticipated choices in the DP when selecting their electives. For a student who is considering choosing DP Film or DP Visual Art as part of their DP education, it is strongly recommended that the electives chosen prepare the student for these subjects.

At the conclusion of 10th grade, our high school students transition into the Diploma Program. DP is offered to all our 11th and 12th grade students.


Junior Seminar


Desert Academy's Junior Seminar course is an opportunity for our juniors to explore a variety of areas of life beyond academics.  Students engage in a wide range of activities and experiences related to personal well being, the logistics of living, interacting with their communities and connecting to the natural world.  Example activities include cooking meals, exploring mindfulness and meditation, discussing healthy relationships, volunteering in the community, changing a tire on a car, learning the basics of finance, learning to sew and tie knots, basic first aid and CPR, spending time observing the natural world, starting a fire with natural materials,  and much more.  These experiences beyond the academic classroom give students practical life experiences which build confidence, strengthen character, and illuminate the importance of relationship with self and others regardless of academic success.

 There are three pathways for graduation at Desert Academy:

1)    Graduation with a Desert Academy High School Diploma
2)    Graduation with a Desert Academy High School Diploma and course certificates from IB (IB course candidate).
3)    Graduation with a Desert Academy High School Diploma and a full IB Diploma (IB Full Diploma Candidate).

Successfully completion of CAS, a core component of the DP program, is a graduation requirement for all Desert Academy students regardless of the chosen pathway. To learn more about CAS, click here.

As all students are part of our IB program, all juniors are billed a DP fee regardless of the anticipated pathway.