Week 4

Monday, September 9

- Grilled turkey sandwiches with mustard, mayo, Swiss cheese and pickles

- Grilled corn on the cob with sides of butter, salt and Tajin

- Chocolate chip cookies

Tuesday, September 10

- Classic meatloaf

- Creamy mashed potatoes

- Caesar salad: Romaine lettuce, Parmesan, croutons and Caesar dressing

- Fresh fruit salad

Wednesday, September 11

- Falafel with green chile

- Pita bread

- Tahini yogurt sauce

- Tomato and cucumber salad with fresh herbs and citrus

- Anise cookies

Thursday, September 12

- Fish and chips

- Tartar sauce and malt vinegar

- Cabbage slaw

- Fresh fruit salad

Friday, September 13

- Veggie golden curry with scallions, cilantro and radishes

- Steamed basmati rice

- Romaine salad with shredded carrots and fennel

- Doughnut holes with five-spice sugar