Week 28

Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options always available

Monday, March 25

- Lemon-thyme chicken

- Roasted winter vegetables

- Roasted potatoes with fresh herbs

- Whole fruit

Tuesday, March 26

- Beef, bean and Spanish rice burritos

- Sides of Pedro’s homemade salsa and sour cream

- Mixed greens salad with fresh veggies and assorted dressings

- Mini pastries

Wednesday, March 27

- Garden vegetable soup

- Cheese quesadillas (flour and corn options)

- Fresh crudités and dipping sauces

- Homemade fruit bars

Thursday, March 28

- Pasta Puttanesca with side of Parmesan

- Grilled garlic bread

- Classic Caesar salad with romaine, croutons and Parmesan

- Fresh fruit salad

Friday, March 29

- Southwest baked potato bar with chili con carne and vegetarian red chile

- Sides of sour cream, shredded cheese, chopped onions

- Seasonal green salad with fresh veggies and assorted dressings

- Homemade cookies

Please contact the front desk at if you would like to enroll your student in our lunch program. Or use the enrollment form here.