Student Life at Desert

Our goal is for each of our students to feel a sense of engagement and belonging within the school community. There is no better way for this to become a reality than through the experience of being part of a team, a club, or an activity. Students learn best when they are mentally, emotionally and physically fit. Our students have the opportunity to participate in activities as diverse as the students themselves. From Aikido to swimming to speech and debate and many clubs in-between, students have their choice of a wide variety of extracurricular activities.


The school is attentive to creating an environment of mutual care and respect that provides age-appropriate support and guidance. This begins with the advisory teachers in both the middle school and high school who are charged with looking out for the broad welfare of their students and promoting shared values.

Advisory consists of about 10-12 students who meet weekly with their advisor, who is a teacher or other member of staff. Advisors, together with a number administrators and staff help to deliver an age-appropriate social emotional learning program called Focus.

Student Support

Learning support is available to all students and counseling support is available to both students and families. In the case of learning support and other forms of counseling, students are encouraged to approach school counselor directly and may also be referred by teachers or parents to the Student Support Team (Associate Head of School, School Counselor, IB Coordinator). A strong emphasis is placed on early intervention and on equipping students and their families with skills that will enhance a student's independence, resilience and flourishing.

IB Learners in Action

Desert Academy offers a number of academically oriented extracurricular activities to provide students with opportunities to put their learning into action. These vary from offering supporting Border Angels along the California border, organizing student events like Youthquake, or going to senior homes to provide ceramic classes. Students may participate in Leos Club, Amnesty International, Student Council, Speech and Debate, Model United Nations, and many other student organized clubs and activities.

Extracurricular Activities

Desert Academy helps students explore their interests outside of the classroom by offering programs for children from preschool through grade 12. We are proud to offer weekly extracurricular activities so that all the students have the opportunity to explore their interests beyond the classroom.


Desert Academy’s athletics teams compete against other schools of similar size throughout New Mexico in accordance with the New Mexico Athletic Association. Our students compete to win, but win or lose they learn about sportsmanship, teamwork and dedication.Click here for more information from our Athletic Director, Phil Lucero.